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What is EmployerRegistry.ca?

EmployerRegistry.ca is Ontario's free online community connecting employers and tomorrow's workforce. Developed in 2008, the site acts as a single point of contact for employers looking to get involved with short, medium and long-term educational programs, ranging from one-hour career talks to full-semester cooperative education.

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Our Vision

The premier on-line connection for employers to register their interest in experiential learning.

Our Mission
  • To connect employers in communities across Ontario with the people and organizations who can help them find or strengthen involvement in new and existing experiential learning programs
  • To provide Passport to Prosperity deliverers, educators and other administrators with fast, accessible and usable tools for managing, developing and tracking relationships with local employers
  • To provide a platform for an online community focused around experiential learning programs like the Specialist High Skills Major that will allow for the sharing of resources amongst educators and the promotion of local programs across the province.


Benefits for Employers
  • One starting point for involvement in experiential learning
  • Ability to easily offer new forms of learning opportunities for students and manage existing opportunities
  • Gives immediate clarity to a single point of contact locally
  • Can access up-to-date information on learning programs in Ontario
  • Forum to spotlight their involvement in helping to define tomorrow’s workforce

EmployerRegistry.ca is a project of the Halton Industry Education Council (HIEC).




With the introduction of programs like the Specialist High Skills Major and an increased emphasis on experiential learning programs as part of each student's individual pathway toward success, the role of Ontario's employers in education has never been more important. Students are counting on the involvement of local businesses and organizations to gain the experience and skills they need to fulfill their career ambitions.

With EmployerRegistry.ca, employers can quickly register and make themselves available to educators in their local community who are seeking opportunities for their students. An account on this site is all anybody needs to make that first connection. With it, you'll be able to customize your company's offerings, adding or editing your own information as the business landscape evolves.

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