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Connecting with the future work force made easy!

Posted by: Industry-Education Council Hamilton



You have probably heard alot about the workforce shortage anticipated in the coming years. You also understand that your best employees from the baby-boomer generation will soon wave goodbye as they head off for retirement. What have you done to ensure that your business is able to carry on when the surplus labor pool vanishes? Have you started to prepare for the anticipated shortage by helping to build tomorrow’s talent pool? If you are managing a business today, you are in the perfect position to develop young people that will become the properly trained employees of the future. Jobs have changed a great deal in the past decade so, without your help, how will young people know there are opportunities in your type of business? Most of all, how will they know what they should do today while they are in school, to land on the great jobs you will have in the next 5 or so years? Read More

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Mentoring the future workforce in Horticulture

Landscape Ontario projects that the Landscape Horticulture Industry is expected to double in size by 2021 and that 50% of the workforce is expected to retire in the next 5-10 years, leaving a big gap in skilled workers. As a result, promoting careers in the industry and attracting young people is a huge task facing businesses and agencies in the sector. Read More