Halton Program

Credits: 4 Co-Operative Education Credits

Application Timeline: Throughout the academic year, with major submission deadlines in Early October for a Semester 2 start, and Late May for a Semester 1 start.

APPLY EARLY as there are LIMITED NUMBERS OF RECRUITING SPOTS & it is a highly competitive recruiting process

Contact Person: Donna Norrie, Georgetown District High School, norried@hdsb.ca

South Halton Program

The South Canadian Forces program is no longer accepting applicants.  If you are interested, please contact Donna Norrie in Georgetown.

Canadian Forces Co-op

The Canadian Forces Co-op is a Cooperative Education Program whereby students can earn secondary school credits by training with a Canadian Forces Army.

Army Co-Op Program with

32 Canadian Brigade Group: Toronto


Credits Earned: 2 Co-Operative Education Credits

Placement Location: Fort York Armoury Toronto

Army Co-Op Placement Timeline:

**February 10, 2015 – March 31, 2015**

MARCH BREAK will be PART OF YOUR ARMY COURSE – you will have NO HOLIDAY at that time.

Application Submission Location:

Canadian Forces Recruiting Centre Toronto: 4900 Younge Street, Suite 100

Application Timeline:

From the End of May until the major submission deadline in Early October for the Semester 2 start.

We recommend you APPLY EARLY as there are LIMITED NUMBERS OF RECRUITING SPOTS & it is a highly competitive recruiting process 

Halton District School Board Contacts:

Donna Norrie, Georgetown District High School, norried@hdsb.ca (Available AFTER 5 September) 

Students are strongly encouraged to attend the one of the following Canadian Forces Recruiting

Information Nights with your COMPLETED paper work (See end of page)  


Ensure you arrive 15 minutes early – as the evening will commence promptly at 7:30 PM.

  Student recruits may arrange an alternative meeting time by emailing:  32cbgrecruiting@forces.gc.ca



    Canadian Forces Co-op Program Summary 

The Army Co-op is a Cooperative Education Program whereby students can earn up to two (2) secondary school credits by training with a Canadian Forces Army Reserve Unit. This basic military training co-op is conducted ONLY in Toronto at Fort York, or the Lake Street Armoury in St. Catherine`s, during Semester 2.


Who is Eligible for this Program:

Students MUST BE Canadian Citizens.

Students with a minimum of 15 secondary school credits

Students who will be turning 17 years old by the beginning of Semester 2 (February)

Students who have NO outstanding Legal Obligations (Charges Pending or Convictions, or a Criminal Record)

Students are medically fit - You will be examined, and potentially, disqualified if you have: major allergies - i.e. require an epipen, are colour blind, have significant hearing loss or poor vision, require prescribed medicine daily, are within six (6) months of a surgical repair (i.e. ACL/Knee repair).

Students must have NO involvement with illicit substances in the six (6) months prior to their Canadian Forces application

Why get involved?

Gain 2 secondary school co-operative education credits

Experience military life and training toward your Canadian Forces qualification

Participate in part-time and summer employment opportunities with your future reserve unit


Things to Consider

You need to be committed to the Canadian Forces fully during the semester. You will be out in the field for several days straight - with little to no contact with home, or friends.

You MUST be able to get to the Armoury DAILY by no later than 7:45 AM.

Start getting into good Physical Fitness Shape – there is a Fitness Test as part of your recruitment

Practice Basic Mathematics WITHOUT the use of a Calculator (decimal & fraction conversion and long division & multiplication)

ENSURE you choose an alternate semester timetable in the event that the requirements for recruitment into the Canadian Forces are not met.

ENSURE you have a second Co-Operative Education placement ready to begin April 1st, 2015 until late June 2015.

How Do I Apply?

Download and complete the ENTIRE application paperwork below, then contact Mr. Sutherland at his email addresses.

Be prepared to visit White Oaks S.S. to have a suitability interview and a review of your COMPLETED application with Mr. Sutherland.

Register on www.onsorts.ca, and select the preferred Canadian Forces Co-Op.

If accepted by the Halton District School Board, you will receive a letter of recommendation to then BEGIN the Canadian Forces Recruiting


Process for Applying to the Canadian Forces Co-Op.

STUDENTS can apply for the Army Co-Op at any point in the year, BUT the deadline is Early October for Semester 2.



1. STUDENTS need to have ALL the Canadian Forces paperwork complete from the Halton School to Career webpage. All the application paperwork can be downloaded below.

2. Students will need an official transcript from their home school - showing at least 15 credits earned.

3. Halton students can have their packages signed by Alaeric Sutherland at WHITE OAKS SECONDARY This is only available until 31 July, 2014 – and must be pre-arranged by email. This selection step will recommence in September 2014.

And again, the student is to take their application package to the Toronto Recruiting Centre.

 4. The full paperwork package needs to be submitted to the Recruiting Centre in TORONTO (4900 Younge Street, Suite 100: North of Steeles & Younge) by the STUDENT. Teaching staff are no longer allowed to submit it on behalf of students, but do have to sign off as the School Board Designate. (Nor are parents allowed to submit the package on behalf of the Canadian Forces Recruit/Student.)

 5. Additionally, the student will need to bring with them to the Information Night/Recruiting Centre:

their birth certificate or Passport (as Proof of Canadian Citizenship) AND another form of Identification (student card or drivers licence. NOT a Health Card). AND their Social Insurance Number (SIN) Card.


The Canadian Forces Recruiting Process Involves:

 1. Meeting with a Canadian Forces Recruiter  


Delivery of your application to the Recruiting Centre in Toronto by YOU

2. Writing the Canadian Forces Aptitude Test – an examination of your reading, writing, mathematical and spatial awareness abilities.

3. Passing the Physical Fitness Test - Must complete a minimum of 19 push-ups, 19 sit-ups, 10:30 minute 2.4 kilometre run

(measured as a Step Test) and a handgrip test with a minimum of 75 kg strength with both hands.




a. Sandbag Lift: 30 consecutive lifts of a 20 kg sandbag from the floor to a height of 1 m;

b. Intermittent Loaded Shuttles: 10 consecutive shuttles (1 shuttle = 20 m there, 20 m back), alternating between loaded shuttles with a 20 kg sandbag and unloaded shuttles, totalling 400 m;

c. Sandbag Drag: Carry one 20 kg sandbag and pull a minimum of four on the floor over 20 m without stopping; and

d. 20 metre Rushes: Starting from the prone position, complete two shuttle sprints (1 shuttle = 20 m there, 20 m back) dropping to the prone position every 10 m for a total of 80 m.

4. Passing the Medical Examination

5. A successful Military Career Counselling Interview


Plan your secondary school courses so that you have semester 2 available in Grade 11, or Grade 12 - based on when you turn 17 years old to participate in the Army Reserve Co-Op.



Program Planning:

Requires a half a semester of FULL DAY Co-Op in, ideally Grade 11, but Grade 12 candidates can still apply.

Packages are available below.

How can I get more information?

Attend the Canadian Forces Recruiting information evenings

Visit your School Guidance Counsellor. Your Guidance Counsellor will provide information about:

School to Career Programs.

Parent-Student School to Career Information Evenings.

The School to Career Program application process.

What do I select on my option sheet?

See your School Guidance Counsellor.


Contact Info for the Halton ARMY Co-Op Program:

For more information or to review the application package for this program, please contact:

Donna Norrie Co-Op Teacher at norried@hdsb.ca or,

Canadian Forces Application Package

** You are encouraged to TYPE the forms to ensure neatness and accuracy of your information, if not use BLUE PEN to complete the paperwork.**


a.          CF Application Form (SAVEABLE)

b.          Personal Data Verification Consent Form (SAVEABLE)

c.          Personnel Screening, Consent and Authorization Form (PRINT BEFORE CLOSING)

d.         Pre-Assessment Questionnaire (SAVEABLE)

e.          Physical Fitness Consent Form (Print in Blue Ink)

f.             School Screening Form –  HDSB Board Designate Approval REQUIRED 

h.   Checklist

 i.      Medical Exam Procedure Youth 


How-To/Help Documents

    l.     Application Process

    k.    Timeline

    g.           Application Process - Coop

   j.     Preparing for your Canadian Forces Aptitude Test





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