Hairstylist OYAP

Program Description

Hairstylist Concentrated OYAP is a program specifically designed to help students make a smooth successful transition from high school directly into their post-secondary Hairstylist apprenticeship. This course will also introduce students to a career in Aesthetics.

Similar apprenticeship preparation certificate programs are also offered at local community colleges, and private technical training centres. The cost for training can range up to $20,000 at some private academies.


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Program Planning

Teacher Location & Phone Number Offered in Semester Credit Value Times
Lina Barbosa St. Thomas Aquinas Oakville 905. 842-9496 Contact teacher at school of choice for program availability and timetabling Students must have three grade 11 and three grade 12 hairstyling credits, plus 2 co-op min. Contact teacher at school of choice program start times. Courses usually run in the AM with Co-op available in the PM

Laura Harrison

Abbey Park
905. 827-4101

Video Clip

Susan Thornborrow
White Oaks S.S.
Part 1- Semester 2 Part 2- Following Semester
Michelle Brush

Robert Bateman

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Contact teacher at  school of choice for program availability and timetabling
Beverley Clifton  M.M. Robinson S.S.
Cathy Brezina Notre Dame
905 335.1544
Patricia Dileo
Georgetown District
905. 877.6966
Melanie Penner Craig Kielburger S.S.
905. 878.0575
Louisa Fontana Bishop Reding

Pathway Charts

Hairstylist OYAP

Students taking the grades 11&12 Hairstyling & Aesthetics program, will cover the units as outlined by the Ministry of Education curriculum in the first credit and focus on the following areas in the additional 2 OYAP Hairstylist credits at each grade level
*Health and Safety *Health and Safety
*Treat Hair and scalp *Treat Hair and scalp
*Salon Functions *Salon Functions
Cut & style Hair Cut & style Hair
Permanent Wave & Chemical Relaxing Permanent Wave & Chemical Relaxing
Colour and Lighten Hair Colour and Lighten Hair
Skin & Skin Care & Nail & Nail Care Skin & Skin Care & Nail & Nail Care
In addition to the units above, students will also have a chance to earn certification in :
Standard First Aid Adult CPR
and may also earn worker awareness in:

Career Opportunities

Hairstylists: (NOC code 6271)

Hairstylists cut and style hair and perform related services. They are employed in hairstyling or hairdressing salons, barbershops, vocational schools, healthcare establishments and theatre, film and television establishments.

The most important Essential Skills for this occupation are: Continuous Learning, Critical Thinking, Oral Communication.**

Aestheticians, Electrologists and Related Occupations: (NOC code 6482)

Workers in this unit group provide facial and body treatments designed to enhance an individual's physical appearance. They are employed in beauty salons, spas, electrolysis studios, treatment clinics and other similar establishments or they may be self-employed.

The most important Essential Skills for this occupation are: Job Task Planning and Organizing, Measurement and Calculation, Numerical Estimation, Oral Communication, Problem Solving, Scheduling or Budgeting and Accounting **

Image, Social and Other Personal Consultants: (NOC code 6481)

Image, social and other personal consultants advise clients on their personal appearance, speaking style, manners or other behaviours in order to improve personal or business images. They are employed by beauty salons, fashion boutiques, modelling schools, image consulting companies or may be self-employed.

The most important Essential Skills for this occupation are: Job Task Planning and Organizing, Measurement and Calculation, Numerical Estimation, Oral Communication, Scheduling or Budgeting and Accounting

**These descriptions are from the Ontario Skills Passport

Other Career Pathways: Makeup Artist, Nail Technician, Pet Groomer, Retail Salesperson, Hair colour Technician, Wig Stylist, Fashion consultants


Salaries for Hairstylists can vary from $35,000 - $80,000 per year.

Interesting Facts

  • You can complete your apprenticeship as a hairstylist in one year after completing high school.

    (A Hairstylist apprenticeship requires 3020 hours. When you complete the OYAP Hairstyling program and pass both level 1 and level 2 exemption exams at the MTCU, you will only require 2000 working hours in a salon to qualify for their writing of their Certificate of Qualification exam.

    NOTE:  These hours of training are used as a benchmark.  The hairstyling apprenticeship is now competancy based so what you are learning in the salon is very im ) portant
  • Lifespan of hair: 2 to 7 years
  • Hair beauty products, hair loss products and beauty salons. The hair industry is worth billions of dollars.
  • Hair and beauty industry is an exciting and competitive industry. You can travel the world with these qualifications and derive a great deal of career satisfaction if you want to upgrade your skills on a continual basis.

Certificates and Exemptions

Students that are successful in this program earning all six of their in-school credits and a minimum of 2 Coop Credits will earn a Concentrated OYAP pre-apprenticeship certificate. This indicates that the students have successfully completed the Hairstylist Concentrated OYAP program. All successful students may challenge the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities exemption exam for level 1 and level 2 for Hairstylist. However it is only recommended that students, who have earned a minimum of 70% on all units, write this exam. Students who pass the Ministry exemption exam, will be exempt from that level of apprenticeship training. Students MUST be signed for their apprenticeship within 6 months of passing their exemption exam or it will be voided and the student will have to rewrite. Students who are successful in challenging the exemption exams will be granted a Concentrated OYAP Exemption Certificate, at either basic and/or advanced level. Please note the college may charge a fee for administering this test.


The OYAP process consists of 4 main stages 1. The information gathering and awareness stage 2. The program contact stage (log onto and choose up to 2 courses that you may be interested in.) 3. The interview preparation stage 4. The interview

To learn more about the process or to start the process you can download the following documents. These documents designed to help you through the process of being accepted into a Concentrated OYAP Program.


You may also pick up a complete package from the School to Career Guidance contact at your present school to book a visit or interview.

For the name of the School to Career Contact at your school go to our Contact Us page.

To apply or find out more about an OYAP school to career program, click here


OnSorts (On-Line Student OYAP Registration and Tracking System) Use OnSorts to keep your post-secondary endeavours up-to-date, show your interest in apprenticeship or coop studies, or just to learn more about your options.
ALL HCDSB students must meet with their guidance counsellor or Lead teacher to apply to a program currently running in this school year. 

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