How to use social media to land a job, not lose one: Social Media 101

Posted by: The Learning Partnership

'Have you ever worried that your social media profile will affect your chances of getting a co-op or summer job? No? Well, you’d better think again.

I’m going to be blunt; I am a creeper.  If you’re on my team for co-op, I will find you.  I will creep your Facebook; I will stalk your Google+.  I will find out who you reblogged the most on Tumblr; I will find out what your favourite hashtags are on Twitter.  Best of all, I will judge your intelligence based on your grammar in your LinkedIn profile.  Don’t have a LinkedIn profile? I may judge you for that too. And I’ll judge you within seconds, and guess what, so will your future employers.

Maybe that was a bit too blunt, but the truth of the matter is that employers are basing their decisions not just on your interview or how you look on paper, but on the way your present yourself virtually. There have been a number of cases of employees being fired because of racist comments, profile pictures, and even complaining about future jobs.  Here’s what I know: legally, you can’t be fired for having a Facebook profile that resembles a cast member of Jersey Shore, but you can be declined an interview or not hired for turning an employer off...'

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